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Our new weekly shows on Shortwave or the Internet:

Sunday 9PM EST (New York Time) 
[Monday 0200 Greenwich Mean Time]

Thursday 9:30PM EST
[Friday 0230 GMT]
9955 kHz in the 31 meter shortwave band
 (simultaneous stream)
Hear five additional weekly broadcasts of BRI on the Global24 Radio Network

Additional Weekly Worldwide Broadcasts of Blues Radio International
on the Global24 Radio Network:

Saturday 0030 GMT  Friday 7:30PM EST
Saturday 0430 GMT  Friday 11:30PM EST
Monday 1830 GMT  Monday 1:30PM EST
Thursday 1030 GMT  Thursday 5:30AM EST
Friday 0730 GMT    Friday 2:30AM EST

9395 kHz in the 31 meter shortwave band

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